One passion. One idea.

Travelling has always been a thing I have enjoyed. And back home again? I wanted an idea that reflected my passion for travelling. And there the idea was born – something that reflects and shows my favourite cities.

As a designer I already knew a lot of materials, now I had to find a printing technique that could realize my ideas of an stunning design. After some time of experimentation and a misprint, the solution was found. Glossy varnish that is applied incorrectly and thus appears matt reflective.

And how does the world know about this?

All beginnings are difficult. But at that time I saw on the Internet the idea of crowdfunding. The perfect way to reach many people and share my passion.

So I tried kickstarter right on the platform. However, in the first approach not told well enough. After changes, however, it became one of the most successful graphic poster projects on kickstarter. I’m still proud of it. Yippie Yeah.

And what happened next?

The demand is enormous. In the meantime there are sales outlets in museum shops, companies have equipped their representative rooms with them and the number of cities has grown to 100. New luxury variants are in preparation and on the own Internet side more is to be seen.

Enjoy your travel adventures and
let the sunshine reflect your city love…


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