I love to laugh.

Again and again great statements make me smile. A friend told me the story of mirrors from China, which reflect the own emotions depending on the point of view. And strengthen them in this way.

So how do you turn a mirror into a positive booster? Simply print the suitable phrase on it that puts you in a positive mood.

Tried out, given to friends and the joy was so great that now the mirrors are available for everyone.

Broken mirrors bring bad fortune?

Material search for mirrors? Isn’t that nonsense? Not if you want to send the mirrors.

I have found a material that I have always wanted: unbreakable, lighter than glass mirrors and resource-saving. In this way the mirrors from MIRRORMIRROR always arrive intact and the misfortune remains outside the door.

Which lines make you happy?

It is always difficult for me to choose from the many possibilities. The same was true for the MIRRORMIRROR mirrors. At the moment there are variants in English, French, German and Italian.

But nothing is as good as simply asking the whole world. So I am happy about suggestions. Just email me your suggestions. I look forward to it. Thank you.

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